Below is a list of the innovative patents that we own. Please peruse the pdf documents in the next section.


All patents are for sale to own or to develop as a joint venture.


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Standardized Alcohol Ablation Procedure for Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy and Tumor


We wanted a direct solution to kill known cancer cells without diminishing the immune system of the patient such as High Dose Radiation.

Self-Aligning Dental

Implant Assembly


Less than 1% of the worlds population can afford a dental implant. my patent is a one visit solution for less than $399.00 and does not require sophisticated three dimensional x-ray equipment or training.



Junk Food Shaped Cereals, Snacks, Vitamins

and Confectionery Items


Let the Mothers yell "eat your junk food" all they want with a smile. Soy can be made to taste like candy with colors.

Wireless, GPS Based Pill Cutter Tool and Phone

and Associated Drug Prescription Method


Pills are sold by the dose. do the math a 40 mg pill can be cut into 4 doses. I need to redesign this to make it stylish and elegant to make it "hot".

Sanitary Pad with

Wireless Diagnostic Chip



Micro devices are the next wave. There are obvious and not so obvious body areas that secrete fluids.

A Self Chargeable Bio-Fueling Micro Battery with Glucose

Burning Chamber


In case you were wondering what you could do with the bio fuel patent, here is an example: burn glucose and reduce or eliminate insulin injections.

Interactive Aircraft or Spacecraft Flight Simulator 


Prevents lost aircraft. No delay for flight recorder information. Real time correction of pilot or mechanical error or malfunction.


Puncture Resistant Tires


A puncture-proof tire using

the latest nano technology. 




Cell Phone Disrupter


Hand operated - user does not

need to touch screen with

other hand to operate.

Wireless Sharing for Fee 

(A Disrupter Patent)


Turn your cellular device into a wireless rental and share the income 


A Self Chargeable Bio-Fueling Micro Battery


The idea came from the classic lemon battery experiment. Let the body fuel a micro device to run the heart monitors of the future. also we are designing a glucose burning adapter to reduce glucose levels and insulin injections.

Single Piece Organizer

(aka A Green Box)


Have some fun and cut out figure 1 and make the folds. Also go to


Click to view the general PowerPoint presentation


Click to view the assembly presentation (PowerPoint)


Puncture Resistant



The inventor's Michelin "made in Germany" tire had a puncture at 150 km with a 3/8'' tapered steel screw. Taking a closer look , he found an Achilles' heel. The inventor's family has made machinery for the tire industry since the 1920's.




Petr Ufimtsev Stealth Mathematics Applied to Laser Attacks on Airplanes



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